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TIMELINE: 28th APRIL 2012 10.45 GMT:

Abdulhadi AlKhawaja is now on the 80th day of his “Freedom or Death” hunger strike.

The IRA hunger strikers in Northern Ireland during the Irish troubles in the 1980’s lived between 59 and 73 days. http://www.petercliffordonline/force-feeding

An Indian environmental activist, Swami Nigamanand, who was trained in yogic fasting techniques, died after a hunger strike lasting 115 days in 2011.

(For further information see Mike Diboll’s excellent article, “Bahrain Abuses: where is Abdulhadi Al Khawaja?)

So this now begs the question “Is AlKhawaja being force-fed?”.

If so, this would be an abuse of his human rights to choose not to eat.

The other possibility, as I suggested yesterday, is that he is in a coma and being kept alive with intravenous infusions.

The “force-fed” suggestion gains credibility when you realise that the nutritional drink Ensure, which the Gulf Daily News  yesterday implied AlKhawaja was “happily drinking”, was in fact used by US authorities in force feeding kits at Guantanamo Bay.

Guantanamo Bay, being in Cuba, was outside normal US jurisdiction and used to hold suspected “terrorists”, though many were later shown to be completely innocent.

(EDITOR: Hmmm! Sounds horribly familiar!  My thanks to Mike Diboll, who has worked in Bahrain and taught Maryam AlKhawaja, for the information.)httP://

Reinforcing the “force feeding” idea is the fact that all access to AlKhawaja, both personal and via the telephone, by his family, his lawyer and the Danish Ambassador has been denied this week on “doctors orders” and an agreed family visit arranged for today has been cancelled by the authorities.

A Tweet from the Ministry of Interior late on Wednesday claimed that he was still “in good health despite rumours. He is in hospital receiving full medical care”.

Khadija Khawaja, Abdulhadi’s wife, said, “They say he is in good health, but if that’s true, then why won’t they let me speak to him, why won’t they let me see him?”

The Bahraini Government has also refused to let her visit her daughter Zainab, who is being held in prison for 7 days after being arrested for “disrupting traffic” following a sit-down protest in support of her Father.

So what the hell is going on? As usual, the devious Al-Khalifa Government has some explaining to do.


Talking of being “devious”, Der Spiegel, the German newspaper group, yesterday published a rare interview with the “master of the art of double-speak”, Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s Prime Minister.

Throughout the interview the PM refers to Bahrain’s Opposition as a “terrorist group” “supported by Iran and Hezbollah”. “What we are facing,” he claims, “Is exactly what the Americans are facing with terrorism”.

Bahrain's PM - "Disengenuous, Old Fraud"

Asked about “dialogue” with the Opposition, the PM says, “The king has gone a long way in making many offers to them, but in the end they told us they had to wait to see what Iran would tell them”.

(EDITOR: Er.. yes, I a sure that’s exactly how the conversation with the Opposition went!)

After listing all the wonderful benefits of living in Bahrain, but which don’t included democracy and freedom of expression of course, he adds, “I hold the opposition’s religious leader, Issa Qassim, responsible for everything that is going on in this country, especially for all the people who have been killed. And Qassim is taking his orders from Iran”.

Asked about the constant battles between police and protesters, he says, “We do not want bloodshed in this country. Our police are only here to protect the people…..” (EDITOR: Er… perhaps he could get Yates and Timoney to remind them of that?)

On AlKhawaja, he “begs to differ” on the assertion that after 80 days on hunger strike his condition is very bad. “His condition is not as bad as you say. According to the doctors attending to him on a daily basis, he takes liquids. The Danish ambassador visited him recently and said he was satisfied with the treatment being provided to him”.

(EDITOR: Completely ignoring the fact that the Danish ambassador has been denied the opportunity to visit AlKhawaja for over a week, despite repeated requests.)

As the interview proceeds the PM starts to reveal his true colours: “When it comes to national security, human rights aren’t the most important thing” and when asked about the majority Shia Opposition merely asking for more rights, says, “The opposition is only looking for excuses, abusing demands for ‘more rights’ and ‘democracy’ to turn Bahrain into a second Iran”.

When Der Spiegel point out that he has been PM for 41 years and say, “That’s very unusual for a democracy”, his reply is classic. “So what? Democratic systems are very different. The system in Thailand is different from Russia, and the form practiced in Germany differs from that of the United States. So why can’t we also be different?”

Lastly, when asked about the “Arab Spring” revolutions, he displays a high level of naive disengenuity by saying, “Do you think I am happy to see what has happened in all these countries? This is not an ‘Arab spring.’ Spring is connected with flowers, happy people and love — not death, chaos and destruction”.

EDITOR: So there you have it, a rigid, disingenuous old fraud who blames everything on Shia Iran and its “agents”, and who would have us believe that the police are well behaved and acting only in self-defence to preserve a wonderful system that has lasted almost 230 years since 1783.

Some might think its time for a change!  You can read the full interview, HERE:

PM - "It's All the Fault of the Shia" - Courtesy of @CarlosLatuff


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