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Many people have sent me kind testimonials over the years, so with their permission I will add them here:


Julie ‏@jhbenespana 1h
@PeterClifford1 compiles a daily report about events in #Syria and #Iraq. He’s a fantastic and reliable source. http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/

bklny ‏@bklny1 4h
@PeterClifford1 As always peter great job!

Rich Thompson ‏@RichThompsonAK
@PeterClifford1 Welcome. To my mind this is all a modern Greek tragedy on an epic scale, so thank you for helping bring clarity to it all.

Rich Thompson ‏@RichThompsonAK
Syria records 1,732 deaths in June (293 children/166 women). ISIL rolls on. Concise reporting via @PeterClifford1 http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/

Rob Coyte ‏@RobCoyte
@PeterClifford1 excellent blog

Nobody ‏@A_Heretic
@PeterClifford1 Great write ups on the situation going on there Peter, thanks. Much better than the mainstream news here in the states.


dylin wexlur ‏@dylinwexlur 

good article by the way. way more informative than any other source ive come across on the issue at hand.


Excellent, informative, reporting from @

Rich Thompson ‏@RichThompsonAK
Excellent, detailed, in depth review of latest events in #Syria and #Iraq. via @PeterClifford1 http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/

Anees Ahmed Khan ‏@anees115 3h
@PeterClifford1 Sir your tweets provide some ease to my heart.

CinnamonJ ‏@CinnamonJuice 1h
Recommended Reading http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/ via @PeterClifford1

Aditya KrishnaKumar ‏@AdityaKrishnaK 2h
Recommended Reading http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/ via @PeterClifford1

Vladimir Ahmedov ‏@vlahmed60 28m
Recommended Reading http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/ عبر @PeterClifford1

Raymond Gibbs ‏@raygibbs1 7h
@PeterClifford1 dependable, trustworthy …

Raymond Gibbs ‏@raygibbs1 7h
@PeterClifford1 from the best . thanks Peter being always there …

Decor4545 ‏@Decor4545 3h
Recommended Reading http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/ @PeterClifford1 aracılığıyla

mazouneh ‏@MizoMazouneh 1h
@PeterClifford1 Thank you for your regular work gathering&publishing best sources &media about criminal barbaric state of #syria &revolution

Veronica Gereda ‏@GeredaV 6h
@PeterClifford1 @TurtleWoman777 @UN Thank you so much Peter you are awesome !

Raymond Gibbs ‏@raygibbs1 1h
@PeterClifford1 from one of best sources Syrian conflict …

Aboud Dandachi ‏@AboudDandachi 7m
@raygibbs1 @PeterClifford1 One of the best, most informative and most consistent as well.

can horoz ‏@can_horoz 4m
@PeterClifford1 @AlanaBowker You are the best Peter 🙂 I am just wondering, how many years more I gonna read your civil war report 🙁

Alana Bowker ‏@AlanaBowker 1m
@PeterClifford1 thanks Peter, I love your information, always on point.

CarolMae ‏@CarolMaeWY 3h
Recommended Reading http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/ via @PeterClifford1

2.05.14 Posted on http://theobamadiary.com (Which has just had its 25 millionth visitor!)
48 Bobfr (@Our4thEstate)
May 2, 2014 at 3:00 pm
Regarding Syria ….
“Fortunately, the Opposition continue to make progress this week, seizing numerous Assad military installations and positions across Syria.”
“Part of the reason for the Opposition’s continued success in recent weeks is that they are not only getting better quality weapons but are able to plan against and manage large scale regime troop movements because they are getting better satellite intelligence from Western allies.”
As I do when providing a link to Peter Clifford’s updates, be forewarned that you will see really horrible stuff, because that’s what war means.
Peter really deserves a Pulitzer for his persistent, diligent reporting on the Syrian civil war.

Diane Lockyer ‏@dlockyer 23h
@PeterClifford1 Thanks for all you’re incredible articles I know I can find the truth abt what’s going on in Syria here

Julie ‏@jhbenespana 10h
Thanks @PeterClifford1 for a great round-up of #SYRIA NEWS | Peter Clifford Online – http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3

Maureen McDonald ‏@TFME_MAUREEN Apr 20
Recommended Reading http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3/ via @PeterClifford1

TurtleWoman ‏@TurtleWoman777 Apr 20
#SYRIA NEWS | PeterClifford Online >> a reliable source << Thanks for your years of hard work! <3 @PeterClifford1 <3 http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3

Rupert ‏@SuperRupert11 Apr 17
@PeterClifford1 Your tireless reports about the Syrian civil war are impressive!

Tweetledumb ‏@xueshang 30m
Follow @PeterClifford1 for detailed news on #Syria.

Julie ‏@jhbenespana 3h
So much happening in #Syria at the moment. For a fast, concise catch up http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-3 Thanks to @PeterClifford1

chemseddin ‏@chemseddinbenke Mar 26
@PeterClifford1 thanks mr Clifford as always up to date in this forest of news from syria your site is the first i go to for updates

Rachel Nicholls ‏@RomIzzyElian 3h
@PeterClifford1 Really great to read such an insight into what’s happening. I learn a little more every day.

Rana Kabbani ‏@RanaKabbani54 2h
@PeterClifford1 Thank you, Peter, for all that you have done for Syrians.

Raymond Gibbs ‏@raygibbs1
@PeterClifford1 excellent report as always …

Joy Petersen ‏@bucketofsoda
@PeterClifford1 great (and true) summary of Day1! you’ve made my day:)

Yeah, right ‏@ekbertha
@bucketofsoda @PeterClifford1 Agree! Great job!
(On report of day 1 of Syrian conference, Geneva 2)

Ruba Hashem ربى هاشم ‏@Ruba_Hashem
@PeterClifford1 thx Peter for the amazing following of #Syria events.l

J. Bratten ‏@jdbratten 
@Kat_Missouri @PeterClifford1 Dammit, your interesting articles are keeping me from my Tom Clancy.

Mairi Sutherland ‏@MaiSutherland 
@PeterClifford1 good investigative writing on Aleppo casualties in your blog http://bit.ly/PCOSyria3 #Aleppo #Yarmouk

Peace be with you! ‏@ru4peace2
My favorite #Syria follows @Free_Media_Hub @al_7aleem @PeterClifford1 @SyrianSmurf These are the best of the best… #FF

RussiaHashOff ‏@RussiaHashOff 
@DiversityInc leading the way #russia: http://hashoff.com/game/gm-2hc0pn45s3y50m1589h/russia … We tip our hats to Top Tweeters. Also: @PeterClifford1

Raymond Gibbs ‏@raygibbs1 
@PeterClifford1 always important work thank you

Peace be with you! @ru4peace2
@PeterClifford1 You’re a wonderful resource on #Syria & should be recognized as such… Keep up the great work!


Nancy Holohan @katsndogs
@PeterClifford1 Thanks, Peter. I can always count on you to cover the most important stories in Syria. I’m very grateful.


Peace be with you! @ru4peace2
If you want to know what is happening in #Syria follow @PeterClifford1 His blog is informative, insightful & honest…

18.9.13 Thank you again Peter for taking the time to follow and advocating a better understanding between people. Kindest Regards, John @Anunkasan

Vladimir Ahmedov @vlahmed60
Thanks to you with full respect for what you do. Couldn’t imagine that one man can write so many analitics on this difficult topic.

thank you very much! Your contribution to journalism is really important!

MirelaMonte ‏@MirelaMonte 5h
[email protected] excellent article! #Syria

perfectsliders ‏@perfectsliders 3h

#FF: NEWS SYRIA For the best most honest news I have found on the internet @PeterClifford1

Alycia ‏@Princessalycia7 
If you want to keep up with all the current going ons in #Syria follow→ @PeterClifford1

mike barnes ‏@dickydawkins 
@PeterClifford1 brilliant website Peter

24.8.13 Freedom & Democracy ‏@Pro_Freedom_
A late #FF to @PeterClifford1, who has a fantastic website. #FreeSyria

can horoz @can_horoz

@PeterClifford1 Thank you very much for your blog. It is one of the best blog about middle east news

12.7.13 Jules ‏@jhbenespana
FF @PeterClifford1 If you want a good daily catchup on Syria. SYRIA-NEWS | Peter Clifford Online – http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news-2

Peace be with you! ‏@ru4peace2
@PeterClifford1 always has the best updates on #Syria please take a moment to read his blog & follow, he’s awesome… http://www.petercliffordonline.com

19.6.13 Peace be with you! ‏@ru4peace2
For well written and timely updates on #Syria please follow ~~► @PeterClifford1 #peace

18.6.13 Peace be with you! ‏@ru4peace2
@PeterClifford1 Your coverage of #Syria is awesome!!! So very grateful…

10.6.13 Diane Lockyer ‏@dlockyer
@PeterClifford1 Thanks for incredible work I read regularly but I couldn’t pass without saying how moving the flight from Qusair was! Thx!

9.6.13 Meena Unity ‏@MeenaUnity 
@PeterClifford1 you are very kind and wise, and it is a great pleasure to know you here. You are definitely one of the good souls. 🙂

8.6.13 Angelina Antic ‏@angelinaantic
@PeterClifford1 Great report, Peter! Good work. The situation in Syria is inhumane! :'(

6.6.13 Maha S Yahya ‏@Mahavalous
Hats off to @PeterClifford1 ,his dedication to keeping the world updated about Syria is remarkable. #Consistency

Robisco Nathalie ‏@RobiscoN
@PeterClifford1 Thanks for your news, thanks for following. your blog is a gift

LongLiveHalab ‏@LongLiveHalab
@PeterClifford1 thank you again for a great report

Meena Unity ‏@MeenaUnity
@PeterClifford1 I really appreciate you here, thanks for the work you do.

Burke Lowry ‏@antan44 
@PeterClifford1 excellent latest blog on Syrian crisis !! FSA brigades showing amazing resilience!!

LongLiveHalab ‏@LongLiveHalab
@PeterClifford1 I love you Peter clifford, thanks for your updates!!

Alan Duguid
[email protected]
[Peter Clifford Online] Contact Me
I just want to say thank you , I look forward to your reports like a child waiting for Xmas , my heart goes out to the poor people of syria , and await your report that it is all over , we can always hope! Ty very much

[email protected]
Submitted on 2012/12/18 at 8:55 AM
My pleasure Peter. You’ve been performing a wonderful service with this blog.

Freedom & Democracy ‏@abokhalil13
@PeterClifford1 Thank you indeed, we appreciate ppl like you who defends #humanRights wherever … God bless you

Karen Hansen ‏@Petite_Pixie
If you can forgive the vivid blue text, check out @PeterClifford1 for up-to-date #Syria news. http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria/

Aidan Semple ‏@AidanSemple
@PeterClifford1 keep up the good work… your site has been great in keeping everyone up to date on the latest

Gordon McCleary ‏@ASouthernYankee
@PeterClifford1 Peter, another great report. Thank you for pulling the information together in one location on the WWW

Mungo Simon Peacock ‏@MungoBah
The latest (and I think the best daily) analysis of #Syria http://bit.ly/SxPrkW Great work, @PeterClifford1 #Assad #Damascus #fsa

3.11.12 Joe Hamil Facebook:
Absolute brilliant coverage from you sir , newscaster of the year ? Great work my friend

28.10.12 Maria Juarez Beam ‏@BeamtheLight
@PeterClifford1 Oh, heartbreaking. I shall look for your reports…thank you so Peter for all that you do. You are incredible…

25.10.12 Amra the Sabatean ‏@Takbir47
@PeterClifford1 All the way back to #libya, you’ve been providing this newsletter and I’ve never thanked you. I do so now.

21.10.12 Mungo Simon Peacock ‏@MungoBah
Follow @PeterClifford1 for the latest, carefully written news on #Syria: http://tinyurl.com/PCOSyria

21.10.12 Maria Juarez Beam ‏@BeamtheLight
@PeterClifford1 Simply heartbreaking…Thank you Peter for all of your great reporting…Paz!

Facebook Messenger 13/10/12 Diana Denison: “thank you very much for your news letter on Syria. best thing on the net”.

Do you work or write on one of UK newspapers? Bye mr Peter 😀

Welcome dear 🙂 , nice blog , keep going !! . Best wishes , BHfighters .

21 Jun at 11:18
Thanks! 4 sharing and yes I did [read your blog]and I’m a big fan, Regards.

Very interesting , good work Thanks and let’s be in-touch
20 Jun at 22:55

Peter, always a pleasure to follow intellectual minds :), I will gladly check. Your blog, Brill

What a fantastic job…You put your finger on these things really well! saw all these posts first today. You are amazing! Best wishes Jean

@allpeopleareone UME citizen
@PeterClifford1 Thank you for the link. You have an excellent website

No , i am reading it now ,u are doing a great job advocating Freedom and Yemen , thanks , i really appreciate what you are doing:) all best

oh yes I have been keeping up with your blog it’s great bc it gives brief updates daily! Great job! Thanks!
5 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

sanjaromin Jason
#ShoutOut : 4some REAL info on #Lybia follow this guy => @PeterClifford1 his tweets will keep u in the know!

sayedyousif Sayed Yousif
@PeterClifford1 Thanks to you Peter and the rest of HR advocates all over the world. #Bahrain people will never forget you.

MujtabaAlmoamen 261103B9
@PeterClifford1 we must thank you , you never forget us , defend us when we was arrested and tourture & killed , thanks a lot to you ☺

Dear Mr. Clifford, on behalf of all opposition, I would like to thank you for supporting our revolution. We are really grateful sir.

I love your blog!

LibyaAlHurraTV LibyaAlHurra
#FF @PeterClifford1 nice news summaries, good sources. #Libya

brit_newsman Dennis Spence
@PeterClifford1 By the way…. you have a good blog. I do dip in and out regularly. Nice work.

doris kuersteiner

thanks for the great job you do on reporting on such important events and putting all the information on your blog.
Direct message sent by doris kuersteiner (@dopsic) to you (@PeterClifford1) on Jul 23, 8:01 PM.


Tx again Sir, every free Syrian all over the world will appreciate your concern & support 🙂
Direct message sent by just-syrian (@SyrianSy) to you (@PeterClifford1) on Jul 24, 1:38 AM.

Milagros Yepez
July 25, 2011 at 5:02 AM • Reply • Edit
Thank you Mr Clifford for such a complete report on Libya.There is information which is highly valuable to people who strongly believe that the time for a Free Libya has come ! I want to express our gratitude on behalf of former FB page Free Iman Al-Obeidi members,for your effort and professionalism.

@Angeldeby Deby Cammarata
@PeterClifford1 excellent article! Very informative, thank you.

Jul 28, 11:35 PM via web

Thanks for following back. I have a look at your site quite often: the stories are well balanced. I like that.
Direct message sent by Richard van de Burgt (@RichardvdBurgt) to you (@PeterClifford1) on Jul 25, 7:39 PM.

I have Peter please keep the feeds going you are part of history in the making.

Wonderful Peter.. The issues dealt in your blog are interesting. And you are a great philosofer. YOU DESERVE CONGRATULATIONS…

@FehedBarodi Fehed Barodi
@PeterClifford1 thankU sir,from me&evry free #SYRIA n. yor tweets show me that we stil have good ppl in this savage world. all the best.

@AbdullaMadan البحـــرين الجـــريح 
@PeterClifford1 thank you very much You are the best I read you post it was very Wonderful and sincere

@jkgermany juttakueppers
@PeterClifford1 I love your blog

@bahraindignity Rose Freedom
@PeterClifford1: Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless..We will remain remembering your act of kindness

@14FebRevolution Youths of 14February
@PeterClifford1 Thank you Mr. Clifford for speaking up the truth when others turn their back & walked away. #Bahrain #BPR 2

@dralaali dralaali
@PeterClifford1 good talk in the blog sir. Thanks for reaching out to peaceful #Bharain citizens, #History will thank you sir.

MaiSutherland Aug 11, 10:09pm via Web
@PeterClifford1 I really enjoy your blog it is exemplary journalism. I find it is the most accurate and objective. Thank you.

@Kempo50 KBK
@PeterClifford1 You’re welcome! I always look to you as a very reliable sources when I’m not sure what has been confirmed in Libya.

@race2jannah Iman El-Maghribi
@PeterClifford1 Just a note to say thanks for all you reporting Peter. You are the best!

@alchemist585 Nasr Anaizi
@PeterClifford1 Great job Peter! Keep up the good work. We the PD #Libya ns appreciate it very much!

@venus_elrayes venus 
@PeterClifford1 Amazing website holds a collaboration of Libyan doc , videos, reports, protests, photos, etc. http://t.co/zdVwAC0

Name: Mairi Sutherland
Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.palmtreefilm.com
Message: Hi Peter, I have to tell you I find your reporting is brilliant in that it is alway accurate and cutting edge in a way that is getting the news out. On your reporting of the mass grave near Misrata. I have to say that in March a few tweeters like iyad elbagdadi who is reliable said there was a mass grave around there about 20 miles West of Misrata there may have more mass graves of around 2000 people, he may also confirm others places too as he was traking this for a while. If they knew of this then Im not sure why it was not picked up by reporters anyway it is now.

@camelot38 Camelot 
@PeterClifford1 Some Days are just breathtakingly days to be thankful for your reporting! Thank you kind friend!!!

@Leebeeintx leebeeintx 
@PeterClifford1 thanks for reporting on Libya for all this time!

@jmcaninch68 Joan
Follow @PeterClifford1 for great #Libya updates; he has worked so hard throughout the #arabspring #p2

@ESSieteiglesias Esther Sieteiglesias 
@PeterClifford1 i really liked your blog! Very useful information, nicely organised… These “gadafi” days are being so hard but exciting!

@chrisjon46 Christine Jongebloed 
@PeterClifford1 Thanks for the great job reporting on #Libya !! 🙂

@fransidoti Francisco Sidoti
@PeterClifford1 Thanks for you, your Blog is excellent

@johnjoechad John Finucane 
@PeterClifford1 I just want to thank you,Peter, for an excellent site on the happenings in Libya. Brilliant reporting fair and honest.Thanks

@burgundybookst Burgundy Books
@PeterClifford1 Yours is some of the best reporting I have seen on the Libya situation. Your facts are integrated and well written.

@KaptnCrunch2 Muhammad Rey
@PeterClifford1 Thank you for your excellent coverage of the fight for freedom in #Libya.

@Angeldeby Deby Cammarata
@PeterClifford1 once again I thank you for your excellent reporting skills.

Peter I am really enjoying your blog. It brings all import news in concise format. Keep up the good work.

i luv Bhn ‏ @alihalwachi
@PeterClifford1 u are a great writer and to me you are more royal than all royalties out there dedicating ur life for human rights, thanx

14FebPoliticalCenter ‏ @14FebPRPC
@PeterClifford1 Your style is “unique”. Simple, clear, straight to the point and attractive at the same time! Good luck dear friend

Joan ‏@jmcaninch68
For some of the best commentary on human rights issues world wide, pls #follow @PeterClifford1. Also check his great blog from his profile.

Penny _ G Well, I and many, many others absolutely adore your literary contributions to making this world a better place, so Thank you!!



“The counselling, advice and support I have received from Peter over the years has had a hugely positive impact on my life. When I first went to see Peter I was very insecure, had low self esteem, lacked confidence and felt my life was going nowhere. The counselling changed my life. With the tools Peter gave me I was able to begin to work through various issues I had that were holding me back from living the life I wanted and deserved. I went back to University to do my Masters degree, I moved to London and I got a job that I love. Self-empowerment is a journey rather than a destination but I am happier, more fulfilled and perhaps most importantly, I’m now really enjoying life.”   LH

“Peter has been a rock for me from day one. His help and advice have changed my life. Not only has Peter helped me with my personal issues that I thought would cloud me for life, but he has shown me that  no idea or dream is silly and everybody deserves to be happy. I dread to think where I would be or what kind of a person I would be had it not been for his support. I certainly wouldn’t be even half as confident as I am now. Thanks Peter” – CH

  • Wisdom says:

    hello Peter, your report tells us about some very positive news around Azaz… Also I’m enjoying reading about Ergodan’s discomfiture :-))

    Not sure if you will permit the observation below from getting published; (commenting nevertheless):

    Poor Ergodan… his testicles are being squeezed; & he’s not permitted to scream … Ha Ha Ha

    One thing I’m confused about is: what are the Saudi’s trying to achieve by putting up their forces at Incirlik? Do they want to fight alongside their friends in the Idlib province? Or do they plan action along the Turkey-Syria border, which is still under IS control? Knowing Saudis, the latter seems to be improbable though. However, if that is true, then my chief worry is that it seems all forces are actually converging on Dabiq!!!

    Requesting your insights please…

    ps: I do not have a FB account… so please make it easy for us to comment!

    • Hi, Wisdom, thanks, for your comments. Saudi’s interest, like Turkey’s is to support Islamist groups (which may include Al Nusra) in taking control of Syria. They will therefore join with Turkey in preventing secular Kurds from taking over the northern part of Aleppo province along the Syria/Turkish border. In theory Saudi planes will be attacking IS, but like Russia they might just end up bombing the SDF/YPG. If the Turks/Saudis send in ground troops, then they might just end up getting bombed by Assad/Russia – and all hell will break loose. As you say, Dabiq is in the middle of all this – but personally I am not persuaded by that myth, just something for IS supporters to hang onto as their “caliphate” crumbles.
      You should be able to comment on my pages whether you have an FB account or not. If you have trouble let me know. Hope you like the new design anyway.PC.

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