• Alejandro says:

    While I enjoyed the piece and Chucks map, it was difficult to read the details.

    • Hi, Alejandro, thanks for your comments. As you probably know I generally post a bigger version of Chuck’s map, but for some reason it was not available this time. I will check again and see if I can find another larger version. PC.

  • suzie says:

    Would love to see the Kurdish forces storm across to the west and cut the last official crossing into Turkey and stop the isis thugs crossing back to Syria. Shows you they are just bullies and chicken shits. Run away and they try sneak thru the back door again

    • Thanks for you comments Suzie. Interesting idea – it would be nice to see Afrin joined to the rest of Rojava too. Problem is – as we have already seen – as soon as the Kurds drive IS out of Arab populated areas we get cries of “ethnic cleansing” – of which I have seen no evidence and would oppose if it happened. The future though is interesting in this regard. PC.

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