Peter Clifford

BIOGRAPHY: One way and another I have had a very interesting life – and continue to do so.

I was born in Windsor in the U.K. in 1948 and grew up and went to school in the County of Suffolk in Eastern England. On leaving school at 18 I went into business working for the Paints Division of I.C.I., an international chemical company.

Deciding after more than five years that this really was not “me” (though no learnt skills are ever wasted in my view), and that I wanted a lot more out of life, I left to start a journey of discovering what I was really capable of and that continues to this day.


Over the next 15 years I did more than fifty jobs and learned a great deal about myself, including that there are not many things that I cannot turn my hand to if necessary.  My experiences included living in four countries besides the U.K. and in addition working in another five countries as well.

My jobs have been as varied as a hospital stores porter, a zoo keeper and a cutter on a banana plantation.  I also crossed a large part of Africa overland and walked 500 miles through Greece.

Somewhere along the line, all of this experience came together and I discovered alternative medicine – first healing, then counselling and eventually psychotherapy, having a good dose of therapy myself along the way.

For over thirty years I have used my skills in these areas to help others to overcome painful and debilitating childhoods, to re-build confidence and to motivate and empower them to be the best that they can be. 


I have also given talks, run workshops and seen clients not only in the U.K. but in the U.S.A., Barbados, Austria, Germany, Australia and notably Japan. 

I visited Japan two or three times a year for seven years helping people to understand themselves more clearly, including working with Buddhist monks and Shinto priests (male and female) at a 1,000 year old monastery in Kyoto, enabling them to work through the problems created by their own childhoods.

Yes, Buddhist and Shinto priests have problems too! – and if I have learnt one thing it is that pains, restrictions and emotional damage are universal and worldwide and are common to all of us, including myself.

Working through it all seems, in my view, the reason why we are here, to learn and grow spiritually and emotionally and to move on at the end of it to whatever is next with a better understanding of our spiritual selves in particular and the universe and how it works in general.


These days I travel less but have been very much more involved with my local community as a result, using my skills to support issues as diverse as the development of a new local health facility, chairing a parish council, encouraging the creation of new wildlife habitats and a long distance biodiversity trail and the planting of trees.

Over the years I have learnt that although it is problems in our early childhood that hold us back most as adults, even give a loving supportive experience in our early years, no-one can attain their full potential if they grow up in suppressive, restrictive, sectarian dominated and unequal societies.

During the last couple of years I have therefore used my skills in writing and promoting to advance the cause of human rights, equality and democracy worldwide – learning a lot about new technology on the Internet along the way!

Time allowing I use a great deal of it to expose lies, distortions and double -speak and to undermine and debunk despots, dictators and authoritarian governments wherever they may be.

I have tried to be open and candid here and that is the ethos which I would like to bring to my website.  More of what I intend to do and what I think and feel in general about life can be found under Welcome and occasionally, when I have time, on the Home – Blog  page. 

Information on specific campaigns in Libya, Bahrain, Syria and Yemen can be found by clicking the news buttons at the top of this page, though bear in mind that I only have time to concentrate on one campaigns at any one time! 

There must be also life away from the computer!

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Sincerely,   Peter Clifford.


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