Why is This Website Different?

Why is this website different? Because if you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions then you are in the right place ........

  • What the hell am I doing with my life?
  • How can I get out of this unfulfilling relationship?
  • Where am I going?
  • How can I improve my mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health (or all four)?
  • What's my future going to look like?
  • How can I get to be happy?
  • What can I do about this job that I hate?
  • How can I live a fulfilling, creative life?
  • What can I do to make a difference?

All of us have asked our self at least one of these questions, if not more, and then continued to have a frustrating time, flailing about trying to make ourselves feel better but in the end not really changing anything.

On my website and blog, I want to share some of my long professional and personal experience looking at contemporary problems and trends and suggesting ways all of us can take effective action to bring about fulfilling change in our life that benefits both us and those around us.

We all deserve to be happy .... and happiness is very infectious!

What are the Benefits of Changing Your Life?

For a start, you are going to feel a whole lot better about yourself!  When you start to let go of other people's rules and ideas about who you should be and how you should behave, then you get in touch with the most powerful tool you have - your uniqueness.

Even identical twins have unique, individual characters.  And that's what the world needs, people with new, individual, creative thoughts and original ideas.  That's how it moves forward positively, that's what makes a difference.  None of us are the same as anyone else.  

That needs to be celebrated, not shied away from.  Fearfully trying to be like everyone else will not make you feel essentially better about yourself.  Acknowledging your special and unique identity will increase your confidence tenfold and affect everything you do and say and your relationships with everyone and everything around you.

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When you take significant positive steps to change your life you will feel far more fulfilled and satisfied.

Feeling better about yourself will also lead to new opportunities and new adventures.  Confidence, rather than living in fear, leads to more boldness - and nothing new is ever experienced without being a little bit bolder than before. 

The alternative is to endless repeat the old and familiar - and there is no fun in that! Once you step a little bit outside your comfort zone you will discover that you quickly acquire new skills, new relationships and new ideas to expand your life still further.

I can't promise to make you rich in financial terms, that is not what this website and blog is about (though money is still a useful energy). What I can promise is that if you read my blog regularly you will be hopefully be inspired to do things in your life a little differently and make it far, far richer in terms of overall quality and life experiences.

When you take significant, positive steps to change your life you will feel far more fulfilled and satisfied.  Do you want to reach the end of your life (whatever your age now) and look back on a life of satisfaction and achievement - or feel hollow and empty inside, wondering what all that was about?

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What My Readers and Clients Say ......

Thank You So Much for Helping me Rebuild Myself

Life is good, really good. That's down to you and the help you gave me. Thank you so much for helping me rebuild myself. This is the happiest I have been.... maybe ever... the best thing I have ever done to help myself. I feel like a new person and am living a far healthier lifestyle as a result. I am constantly recommending you to my friends!


The Counselling Changed My Life

The counselling, advice and support I have received from Peter over the years has had a hugely positive impact on my life. When I first went to see Peter I was very insecure, had low self esteem, lacked confidence and felt my life was going nowhere. The counselling changed my life. With the tools Peter gave me I was able to begin to work through various issues I had that were holding me back from living the life I wanted and deserved. I am happier, more fulfilled and perhaps most importantly, I'm now really enjoying life. LH


He Has a Singular and True Commitment to his Work

Peter has worked as a therapist for decades. He has a singular and true commitment to his work and support of his clients the likes I have never met before. KH

Karen Henderson

Peter Has Been a Rock for Me from Day One

Peter has been a rock for me from day one. His help and advice have changed my life. Not only has Peter helped me with my personal issues that I thought would cloud me for life, but he has shown me that no idea or dream is silly and everybody deserves to be happy. I dread to think where I would be or what kind of a person I would be had it not been for his support. I certainly wouldn't be even half as confident as I am now. CH


He Listens and Empowers You to be More Authentic

Peter is a skilled and insightful therapist who works in a wonderful holistic way that is intuitive and supportive. He listens and empowers you to be more authentic, gaining new perspective on where you want to be. RN


Deserves a Pulitzer Prize!

Peter really deserves a Pulitzer for his persistent, diligent reporting ... Bobfr


Your Articles Are Keeping Me From my Tom Clancy!

​Dammit, your interesting articles are keeping me from my Tom Clancy. JDB


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My Journey ........

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My Journey .......

One way and another I have had a very, very interesting life - and continue to do so, even at the age of over 70.

I was born in Windsor in the UK in 1948 and went to a nursery school that actually overlooked the Queen's residence at Windsor Castle while my mother worked at the court jewellers almost opposite the castle entrance. 

My father was English but my mother was Austrian, giving me access to a very different, more European culture as well as a British one.

I later grew up and went to school in the county of Suffolk in Eastern England and on leaving school at 18, I went into business working for the Paints Division of I.C.I., an international chemical company.

Deciding after more than five years that this really was not "me" (though no learnt skills are ever wasted in my view) and that I wanted a lot more out of life, I left to start a journey of discovering what I was really capable of and that continues to this day.


Over the next 15 years I did more than fifty jobs and learned a great deal about myself, including that there are not many things that I cannot turn my hand to if necessary. 

My experiences included living in five countries besides the UK and working in a further six countries, as well as visiting many more.

The work I have done has been as varied as a sales representative, a hospital stores porter, a zoo keeper, a school caretaker, a cutter on a banana plantation, a special needs teacher, a pool lifeguard and working at the Oxford University Press, to name just a few.

I also crossed a large part of Africa overland, spent a short time in a Sudanese prison and walked 500 miles through Greece.

Somewhere along the line, all of this experience came together and I discovered alternative medicine - first spiritual healing, then counselling and eventually independent psychotherapy, having a good dose of therapy myself along the way.

For over 40 years I have used my skills in these areas to help others to overcome painful and debilitating childhoods, sort out unfinished emotional and relationship problems, to re-build confidence and overcome anxiety and to motivate and empower everyone to be the best that they can be. 

Many physical problems have also disappeared as a result of dispelling these crucial emotional and psychological blocks to creative living.


I have also given talks, run workshops and seen clients not only in the UK but in the U.S.A., Barbados, Austria, France, Germany, Australia and notably Japan.

I visited Japan two or three times a year for seven years helping people to understand themselves more clearly, including working with Buddhist monks and Shinto priests (male and female) at a 1,000 year old monastery in Kyoto, enabling them to work through the problems created by their own childhoods.

Yes, Buddhist and Shinto priests have problems too - and if I have learnt one thing it is that pain, restrictions and emotional damage are universal and worldwide and are common to all of us, including myself.

Working through it all seems, in my view, the reason why we are here, to learn and grow spiritually and emotionally and to move on at the end of it to whatever is next with a better understanding of our spiritual selves in particular and the universe and how it works in general.

Perhaps there is nothing more, I don't know? But in that case, it is even more important that we don't waste our time while we are here.


More recently I have travelled less and for 15 years became much more involved with my local community, using my skills to support issues as diverse as the development of a new local health facility, chairing a parish council, encouraging the creation of new wildlife habitats and a long distance biodiversity trail and the planting of trees.

Over the years I have learnt that although it is problems in our early childhood that hold us back most as adults, even given a loving supportive experience in our early years no-one can attain their full potential if they grow up in oppressive, restrictive, sectarian dominated and unequal societies.

During the last few years I have therefore used my skills in writing and communication to promote and advance the cause of human rights, equality and democracy worldwide - learning a lot about new technology on the Internet along the way!

 spent a great deal of time exposing lies, distortions and double-speak and undermining and debunking despots, dictators and authoritarian governments wherever they may be. I also wrote a lot about the revolutions and wars in North Africa and the Middle East and as a consequence, there are certain countries which it would now be "unwise" for me to visit.

(Archived information on specific campaigns in Libya, Bahrain, Syria and Iraq and Yemen can be found by clicking the links in this sentence or by clicking on the downward arrow in categories on any Blog page. Clearly, most people liked what I wrote as at its peak my site was receiving 70,000 visitors a month. You can read some of the testimonials about my work above.)


In September 2016, having given 3 full days a week researching and writing my blog for 5 years, I decided to take a short break while I moved house and country. This developed into a four year space while I re-evaluated my own life and took stock of my new environment and what I want for the future.

Now I am back online and have decided to do some more writing giving my personal thoughts and views on what I see and hear happening in the world and hoping that this will inspire others to take action and empower them to make their own changes so they can get the very best for their own life and for those around them.

To read about this new direction scroll down and click the "
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Blog posts.

However, I also continue to spend a lot of my time in the south of France, where I am now located, reading, writing, working a little, walking in the mountains, training and exercising, enjoying the sunshine, meditating and sometimes valuing life immensely by doing absolutely nothing at all. There has to be life away from the computer!

I have been open and candid here and that is the ethos which I like to bring to my website. More of what I intend to do and what I think and feel in general about life can be found on the 
Home page and on the Blog page.

P.S. I welcome your comments and suggestions and if you like what you see and read on my website or any part of it, please click on the Social Media + Share buttons at the bottom of the page and tell your friends. That would be very much appreciated!

Questions and Queries

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